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  Accountability in the Workplace Assessment (copy - August 22, 2013)


Welcome to the Bustin & Co. Accountability in the Workplace assessment.

A five-year Bustin & Co. study of executives in the U.S., Canada and Europe indicates that lack of accountability in the workplace is the single greatest barrier to improving business performance.

This multiple-choice assessment takes about 10 minutes to complete, and each question has the same five-point range of answers, from Strongly Agree to Strongly Disagree. Select any number using the following guideline: 5 (our organization consistently conforms to this statement), 4 (our organization usually conforms), 3 (our organization conforms or doesn’t conform about equally), 2 (our organization occasionally conforms), 1 (our organization rarely or never conforms).

Respond to each prompt from an organizational – not individual – perspective based on your first reaction. This assessment is for your benefit and is confidential. If you’re not brutally honest with yourself, your score will be meaningless and fail to indicate opportunities for improvement. Respond to each statement as things are now – not as you wish they were.

Please complete the assessment in one session.

Greg Bustin will personally review your assessment within 48 hours of completion. To receive your free report with detailed results for your organization across each of the Seven Pillars of Accountability, please provide your email address below. Your email address is kept private and will not be shared with anyone.

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